Our Services

At CIRCI our ultimate goal is to enhance sustainable development in Nigeria, Our services include:

Community Development

Community Relations

Enlightenment Campaigns

Conduct Assessments

Health, Environmental and Social Impact Assessments

Participatory Planning

Event Management

Conflict Management / Resolution

Agricultural support / Extension advisory

Capacity Building

Crime Prevention, Reduction & Management


  • Served as a mentoring NGO for the Oyigbo Cluster Development Board and established a functional and performing Cluster Development Board between 2010 and 2015 in the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited GMOU programme.
  • Served as a mentoring NGO for Abureni Mini Cluster Development Board in Bayelsa state since 2012 in the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited GMOU programme.
  • Handled a number of Conflict Management Workshops:
    • Carried out several Conflict Management workshops for communities, corporate bodies, youth associations, organizations, churches etc.
    • Carried out series of Conflict Management workshops for SPDC impacting Rivers, Bayelsa and Imo States’ host community members for the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited.
    • Carried out conflict management enlightenment presentation during the clergy retreat of the Niger Delta North Diocese of the Anglican Communion on the 2nd of March 2010.

Providing Community Relations Support Services for Shell Petroleum Development Company Nigeria Limited in the Afam operational areas in the Eastern Division.

  • Conducted enlightenment programme for SPDC on Anti-Pipeline vandalism in Akukutoru and Asaritoru Local Government Areas of Rivers State in 2011 for Swamp 1 Production team and paid via the GMOU account.
  • Conducted enlightenment programmes for 14 Kalabari communities in 2013.
  • Conducted Sustainable development, environment and health awareness campaigns for 6 Afam 5 Reservoir Project host communities in Oyigbo LGA Rivers State in 2013.
  • Participatory Rural Appraisal experts
  • Providing research information and advice for communities, corporate bodies and governments to aid development projects for the benefit of the rural communities.
  • Training / facilitate performance improvement, Sustainable and community development and relationship improvement
  • To ensure an enviable community/company interface in the execution of projects.
  • Carry out peace missions, monitoring and implementation of Community Development projects.
  • Event management consultants.
    • Conducted the Swamp 1 Musical Talent Hunt Competition for SPDC in 2008 & 2009.
    • Conducted Swamp East Musical Talent Competition for SPDC IN 2010 the event covered all communities in both Swamp 1 and Swamp 2 Production teams.

Conducted SPDC East Musical Competition covering 33 LGAs hosting the 4 Production teams of Swamp 1, Swamp 2, Land 1 and Land 2 in the Eastern Division.

Our Strength

  • Our consultants are seasoned professionals who have distinguished themselves in their professions.
  • Staff had facilitated the execution of Global Memorandum of Understaning (GMoU) and compliance of all parties to the GMoU/Grievance process and monitoring of its implementation and had provided Community Relation Services for partners.
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Effective managers of community development / relations implementations
  • Very knowledgeable of the Niger Delta environment and its people.